about a dream: haircuts

Saturday, October 10, 2009


i forgot to tell you vanessa, i got a haircut! i cut off at least 10 inches, enough to send to locks of love. i also cut nina's hair after a shampoo. there were a lot of tangles, and i told her i could cut it if she'd prefer that to me brushing it out. she did, so i did. finally, i trimmed maggie's bangs again. ok that's not much of a haircut but she deserves a picture too. here they are!

doesn't nina look so beautiful and grown up??


Vanessa said...

Nina looks very cute, and I love Maggie's expression. You cut your own? That is a lot off! Looks good!

nick and des said...

no, i didn't cut it myself, jamie barter did it. i really like it though!

Oma said...

All three of you are beautiful! Nick's a lucky guy!