about a dream: open house at the boothbay fire department

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

open house at the boothbay fire department

what a fun night! the boothbay fire department had an open house. hot dogs, hamburgers, sausages with sauteed peppers and onions, french fries and soda! oh, yeah, and all the firetrucks were there too. :-)

nina got to climb up on a ladder truck. they had the ladder fully extended, and she got to go right up to it. the kids weren't allowed to climb it of course, but she sat up there with the firefighter for like, 15 minutes, chatting with him about everything. she was pointing things out to him and i heard him say "boy, you don't miss a thing, do you?" and i was like, tell me about it brother! when she was getting down he said to us "you have a very intelligent little girl there!" he was very nice to chat with her, and to not talk down to her like some adults tend do.

maggie loved sparky, the person in the firedog costume. we followed him around for half an hour or so. so also liked sitting in one of the firetrucks, pushing buttons to her little heart's content (they said it was OK, everything was turned off. she was in heaven).

they even had a house filled with fake smoke that they used to demonstrate some of the tools they use in fires. nina was ok for a few minutes, then she got scared so we left. it was a bit strange, you could barely see in the smoke. oh yes, and maggie got to spray a fire hose. nina didn't, she was feeling too shy.

what a fun night!