about a dream: nina is very into anatomy

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

nina is very into anatomy

she has been for a while. we got her a book on the human body last year, so i know it's been going on for at least a year, though i can't remember exactly when it started. the interest has led us to field many interesting questions, such "how does food become poop?"

last friday after story hour at the library, we were looking for a book on injuries (she had seen a book at borders with a picture of a scalp wound in it, and she wanted more!). the library didn't have anything like that, but mrs. pinkham found us a whole bunch of interesting anatomy/human body books. nick was looking at a drawing in one with her, and he pointed out the kidneys.

"kidneys?" said nina. "you mean there's kid knees and adult knees?"



Oma said...

"Kid knees"! Priceless!

Vanessa said...

Reader's Digest?