about a dream: nina's vocabulary is so cute

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

nina's vocabulary is so cute

she's really picking up on and using some big words. yesterday at dinner, she called my chicken marsala "scrumptious!" such a nice compliment for her mama!

she also thinks nick is "hysterical" and that maggie can be "irritating." i'll try to think of more and jot them down when she says them, it's so hard to remember these things even at the end of the day!


Oma said...

"Scrumptious"?! Wow! Impressive! "Irritating" is clear ... but that Nick is "hysterical" ... does she mean he's extremely funny or emotional??

nick and des said...

she means funny, and i forgot to add that she pronounces it "exterical." the cuteness never ends!