about a dream: maggie is a clever child

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

maggie is a clever child

we're still potty training. today i started giving her jelly beans for using the potty, and she really likes that. she hasn't initiated trips to the potty in the way that nina did (grabbing my hand and saying "mama pee pee! mama pee pee!" while pulling me to the potty). no, instead, maggie's version of initiating a trip to the potty is to say "poo-poo... poo-poo..." softly, in a little sing-song voice. and if i hear her, good for me, but she makes no effort to get my attention. nope, i had better be paying attention to her! the jelly beans are having a good effect though, i think. now when she pees on the potty, she gets VERY excited; smiling, clapping her hands, and jumping up and down in anticipation of her jelly beans. we shall see if this leads to more potty initiation.

i take it back, the clever little child DOES tell me she has to go to the potty. why, at church on sunday she told me 3 times during mass that she had to go. she was lying. she just figured out that if she says poo-poo, we'll leave church and take a little trip to the potty. i finally gave up on mass and waiting in that room by the elevator with the girls. i know church is boring, but what a little devil!

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