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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

our teeth

well, last week we found out that nina's teeth are perfect--no cavities and she does a great job brushing them all by herself. maggie's teeth are coming in full force too. 2 coming through the bottom, and at least 2 molars, and on top of that i think the 4th tooth on the front of the top jaw is moving in. she has been a bit miserable. nights are rough, and she's got a short fuse during the daytime. but she's still 90% wonderful.

but i'm writing today about me and nick. we had our cleanings and exams on monday. i'm sure you'll all be relieved to know that the tooth pain i had at night last week is nothing. the x-rays were fine, dr. grosser said it's probably just from clenching my jaw at night, which i know i do sometimes. whew! also i have no cavities.

nick, on the other hand, is not so lucky. he is also cavity free, but you know his extra tooth? it turns out it's not really an extra tooth, it's just that his baby tooth never fell out because the adult tooth came out way up top there and so didn't push the baby one out. this is not great, because the baby tooth's root is starting to dissolve and dr. grosser says it will eventually fall out. he says nick should see an orthodontist to talk about options for moving that adult tooth down to where it should be and pulling the baby tooth. nick isn't thrilled with this, but has agreed to talk to the orthodonist. i know we live in maine, but i don't want a husband with missing teeth!

it's not terribly pressing, but at the same time dr. grosser says it's generally better to take care of these things sooner than later, as they just tend to get more complicated and therefore more expensive as we get older.

isn't that the tooth!

HA! couldn't help myself!

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