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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


it's been a busy week, so i'm working backwards to fill you all in on what's been going on. so, saturday:

we drove up to rockland to get snow tires for the winter (found some in uncle henry's. you know you live in maine when you get your snow tires from uncle henry's!). it was a beautiful fall day, and we took the girls to the new children's museum there. it was great, they loved it! small, but lots to do. we put together a 12-piece puzzle made from cardboard boxes painted on one side (they stacked up 4 wide and 3 high, so the completed puzzle was almost as tall as me). there was also a floor mat-style puzzle of the USA. i let the kids and nick help me with it some, but it was too much fun to let them do much. maggie loved the bean bag chairs and this one bouncy ball she found, and nina loved dishing out pizza in the play kitchen.

after that, we went to get the tires, but on the way we passed the cedarworks store (cedarworks is where we get our swingset). well, they had a bunch of those amazing swingsets they sell set up out front, so nick dropped me and the kids off while he went on to get the tires. more fun!

the girls did great on the road too. we bribed them with french fries on the way home (it's monopoly time at mcdonalds, we're addicts). maggie is facing forward now and loves the view--when some ocean came into view at one point, she yelled "WOW!! WAWA!!" over and over again, pointing. (wa-wa is water). it was too cute!

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