about a dream: a visit to the dentist

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

a visit to the dentist

well, it had been almost 5 years since nick or i went to the dentist, and nina has never been, so all 4 of us shipped off for a visit on monday. nina's beautiful, perfect teeth are officially cavity-free!! the dentist was very impressed that she brushes her own teeth and does such a wonderful job. nina was quite proud of herself.

nick and i have to wait until our x-rays come back to have a thorough exam, so we won't know our cavity status until next monday. nick feels confident that his teeth are fine, i'm not so sure... there have probably been too many nights that i was too exhausted to brush well, or too tired to floss, so i wouldn't be surprised if i have a cavity or 2. there are a few spots on my teeth that sometimes hurt, but only for a day or so and only very rarely. so, we shall see... if i have any, i will certainly blame them on motherhood.

maggie didn't get a tooth check, but dr. grosser said he'd be happy to peek in her mouth next time (she was asleep the whole visit, nick and i took turns waiting in the car with her). she only has 5 teeth and 1 molar, but dr. grosser says the longer they're safe in the gums, away from all the sugars of early childhood, the better, so no worries.