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Friday, September 11, 2009

cute things they say and do

yesterday nina and grandpa went to the ebb tide for dinner (i made beets for dinner, dad was having none of that. when nina found out he would be heading to the ebb tide instead of eating with us, she wanted to go too). they had a great time. nina even got to help grandma by handing out menus! so cute!

maggie missed her while she was gone. for a second, i thought nick and i were going to get to eat dinner alone because maggie had fallen asleep. but that lasted all of 3 minutes. oh well. so when maggie woke up she was looking for nina. "where nina?" she kept asking (can you believe she's asking questions like that?! what the heck, she's not a baby any more!). she insisted that nina was over at grandma's house and made me take her over there. finally she was satisfied that no one was home at grandma's, so we went back home and waited out front for nina and grandpa to get home. i don't know how she's going to handle nina going to school next year, oh my!

maggie has a cold today, she's been sneezing big snotty sneezes all day. today in the car nina told me that she's dopey, papa is grumpy, i'm snow white, and maggie is sneezy because she's been sneezing all day. it's true.

final bit of cuteness: nina was looking at her soup and stirring it. "look," she said to me, "you can see the molecules!"

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