about a dream: apple picking!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

apple picking!

on saturday, we went apple picking. where did we go? i don't know. lemme ask nick...

he says rocky ridge farm in bowdoin. we tried to figure out for weeks which orchard we were going to go to. the closest one? an organic one? are hayrides a must? one had a corn maze and petting zoo, is that worth an almost 2 hour drive? in the end, we went with none of this. go figure. see, i really, really wanted this colored stain for the new tv stand that i'm finishing myself, and they didn't have it at grovers, so we decided to go to home depot in topsham. we figured while we were there, we could stop by target and get training pants for maggie (update coming next!). we found an orchard only 6 miles from mt. ararat, so the decision was made!

the farm was great fun. they had wagons you could use to pull the kids and apples, the girls LOVED it. they also had a pumpkin patch and a barn swing (that's a swing in a barn, it was a hit with nina. maggie was too little).

we picked cortland and macintosh apples. there were tons of apples on the low branches, so nina had no trouble reaching them. there were even apples within maggie's reach, but she was a bit overwhelmed. she really loves apples (apple is one of her favorite words, she pronounces it "ah-poo" which is so cute), so we thought picking them would be a real hit. turns out it was a bit upsetting for her to see them on the ground, just lying there. she started to flip out about it (ah-poo! ah-poo! she said, in that increasingly frantic way of hers), but we calmed her down and then she was ok. whew, close call!

we also got a hot dog, beans, biscuit, and cole slaw for only 3.95! what a deal! actually we got 2 orders. plus 2 donuts and 2 honey straws. and 2 pumpkins. and about 15 lbs of apples and 3 gourds.

of course we have pictures that, of course, we have not yet downloaded. i was SO exhausted by the end of the day and in pain from a clogged milk duct. by 7 pm i had a fever, and i was afraid i had mastitis (an infected milk duck). i did, but now i'm better.

i'll try to put the pictures up after i finish updating on our week.


Oma said...

It's BowdoinHAM ... I told Nick that was where I had a very traumatic substituting job, an elementary school ART CLASS! I know absolutely nothing about art, and the kids were not the least bit interested ... it was horrible! Obviously they have good apples in Bowdoinham, though.(Bowdoin's the college in Brunswick.)

nick and des said...

Nope, the town is Bowdoin. Bowdoinham is another town. Indeed, Bowdoin is also the name of a college.


Oma said...

I do beg your pardon! Shows how much I know about Maine geography! I could only find Bowdoinham in the atlas I have, then looked up a more detailed map on the internet, and lo & behold, there it was ... sorry! I guess you should know where you picked apples better than some old Oma sitting in Baden!

JessicaCaldwell said...

MTA brought together 5 towns: Harpswell, West Harpswell, Topsham, Bowdoin and Bowdoinham.

Easiest way to tell the difference between people from Bowdoin/Bowdoinham: people from Bowdoinham generally have less teeth, and cigarettes are usually a permanent fixture in their mouths, etc.

nick and des said...

haha! the people at the orchard had all their teeth, so i guess we were definitely in bowdoin.