about a dream: another busy week

Saturday, September 26, 2009

another busy week

and another retrospective fill-in. did i write about my mastitis? i think i did. well, i'm pretty much totally better but i think still a bit tired, as i haven't had the energy for doing much in the evening besides getting the kids in bed and then vegging in front of the TV (and then re-settling maggie at least once). and then eating!

regardless, we have had a very busy week. on wednesday i took the girls to ocean point to throw rocks in the water. maggie can do that for hours. it was a nice warm (hot! mid 70s!) day, and we felt like taking a little trip. besides, nina and maggie LOVE thrill hill. nina asks to go over it all the time.

well, we got to ocean point and there was a fog bank! brr!! good thing i had thrown jackets in the car just in case. we spent about half an hour throwing rocks and looking a the surf (there were some nice 1-2 foot waves), and then we went to visit grandma at the ebb tide. we were planning to meet nick and dad there for dinner, so we went to the library for a while to kill time.

on thursday, we went to the farmers' market in the morning, part of our usual weekly routine. usually we go to the playground after that, but we ran into nora and her family and they asked if we wanted to go apple picking with them in damariscotta in the afternoon. we did, nina loves to do things with nora, so we skipped the playground and went home to get ready for some picking.

the orchard was a really small one on biscay road (just 2 or 3 miles past tempcontrol's office), and the girls had a fun time. the trees were small and the apples were very close to the ground, so picking was super easy for the kids. they filled up their bags in just a few minutes, then all sat on the ground eating apples (nora is one of 5, plus my 2, made a total of 7 little kids! quite the group we had!)

so, we're all eating lots of apples and drinking lots of cider these days!

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