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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

training pants!

maggie is on the way to potty independence! we picked up some training pants for her at target and put them on her when we got home. she promptly christened them. haha!

she's doing great on the potty though. she usually pees on it about 5 times a day, and in her diaper probably 5 times. the hard thing about potty training at this age is that they go so often. but, the mix of potty and diaper and training pants works for us. basically, i have her in training pants around the house. i make sure to take her on her schedule: every half hour for the first 2 hours of the morning, hourly until nap, after nap, and then it's much less frequent, so either whenever she says poo-poo (she doesn't say pee-pee for some reason, but poo-poo means either poop or pee), or whenever i think she might be ready to go. she is in a diaper whenever we leave the house or when i'm too preoccupied to keep my mind on taking her enough.

the big breakthrough of the last week or 2 is that she will sometimes tell us when she has to go to the bathroom. i tried giving her cookies for using the potty, but she didn't want on. what kind of kid doesn't want a cookie?!

i'm hoping that she'll be out of diapers full-time by 18 mos. i'm certainly not as good about taking her as i was with nina, so we'll see if that translates to a later age. nina started telling me when she had to go potty at 16.75 months and was out of diapers by 17.5 months. so, we'll see...

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