about a dream: rabbit stew!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

rabbit stew!

don't tell nina, but i made rabbit for dinner tonight. it was good! i had gotten some at the farmers' market, i saw it on the sign and once i started thinking about it, i couldn't resist. i don't think i'd ever had rabbit before. nick can't remember having had it either (anne?)

it tasted kinda like chicken. nice and tender though. a bit of stringiness, but not tough like stringiness implies. stringy but tender like really nice stewed beef. perhaps because i did stew it, in the crock pot with some onions, celery, carrots, and parsnips. served over egg noodles.

i have been feeling in a meat rut, which is what inspired me to look at the farmer's market for something different.

i saved the liver for a recipe i found online: sautee the liver with leeks and shallots, deglaze with cognac, add cream, and use to fill a puff pastry. sounds sooooo good!


Vanessa said...

One of the best dinners I have had was rabbit at a restaurant in New Orleans (thanks Dawn Gilbert). It was really good, some kind of cream sauce with it.

Oma said...

Hmmm.... don't recall ever having eaten rabbit, and certainly haven't ever prepared it ... nor do I recall Oma (Nick's Oma, that is), ever having made it, so he's right. (I betcha he would've refused to eat it, anyway, when he was a kid!) Fritz has had it, but it must have been before my time. Sounds good, though, as does the liver dish!