about a dream: a maine 4th birthday party for our princess

Sunday, September 6, 2009

a maine 4th birthday party for our princess

as i've blogged about before, nina is really, really into the princess thing these days. being in austria really fed that; she got to see the winter palace, the crown jewels, a glimpse of the summer palace (schonbrunn, that's where the zoo is), and even some castle ruins (nina was not impressed. after that, she continually specified that she wanted to see a castle that was not falling down).

anyway, the princess thing was obviously the inspiration for her maine birthday cake. i got the idea for it from the disney website (they actually have a section called "parenting your princess," and of course i gave it a thorough browse). nina and maggie put the sprinkles on--nina carefully sprinkling them on, and maggie grabbing a fistful and flinging them across the table. and then screaming when i took them away.

nina insisted that the castle have flags, but truth be told, i was planning on it anyway. she also clarified that even though she was having another birthday party, she wasn't turning 5. cutie.


Flores Hayes said...

Happy Birthday to Nina!!! you are soooo CUTE!!!!
Flor (

Oma said...

Wow! That is SOME cake, Des!