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Sunday, September 27, 2009

i'm a sunday school teacher

yup, it's true. i taught my first class this morning (not first class ever, i used to teach sunday school to the little kids when i was in high school). my only students were nina and maggie, but they LOVED it. nina misses school, but still doesn't want to be away from me for very long (unless she's with grandma, in which case i get in trouble for coming to get her. the other day she glared at me when i came over to my mom's house to get her and said, "you destroyed my alone time with grandma!" slowly she warmed up to me, but then about an hour later i dashed off to finish staining the dresser. she was a bit sad to see me go, and i thought maybe she was feeling bad about being mean to me when i came. so i said to her "do you want to apologize for saying i destroyed your alone time with grandma?" and she nodded her head and said, "i'm sorry you destroyed my alone time with grandma." aww... except i'm not really sure if she said what she meant to say, or if her apology came out wrong. i assume that it came out wrong.)

well, sunday school. the perfect compromise for nina is to have school with me as the teacher. so we have our own little classroom, with very little chairs around a very low table, and lots and lots of art supplies. today i read a kiddy version of genesis while the girls drew pictures about the story. and then i drew the earth on the blackboard, and clouds, the sun, the moon, and some animals, all the while recapping the story. nick was my classroom helper. :-)

there is another preschool-aged girl that goes to church and she will be in our class too. she just wasn't there today.

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Oma said...

Awww ... that's so sweet! (What did Nick do to help?)