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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

more cuteness

first up, nina cuteness:

this was from a while back, but i forgot to write about it. we were visiting grandma brancato and mom asked nina if she wanted some cranberry juice. "no," said nina, "i react to cranberry juice."

this next one is embarrassing...

scene: me sitting on couch in family room, nina standing next to me.
nina: "firetruck starts with F. fly starts with F. and some impolite words start with F."

me: "um, yeah, that's right. we don't say impolite words, right?"

oops. i hope she didn't hear that from me. it must have been something she overheard on the mean streets of NYC.

in other news, maggie is amazing. we were playing before bed, practicing ballet together with nina (maggie was doing plies with us, it was so cute. she kept squatting down, holding her hands out in front of her belly. i will try to get it on camera). then she'd fall down once in a while. the falling down must have triggered a memory, because she fell down again and sang "all fall down!" now, the words weren't right, but she had the tune and cadence down, and i immediately knew what she was saying. so, the 3 of us girls played ring around the rosy for a while and maggie was absolutely delighted.

the most amazing part of this is that she definitely hasn't heard ring around the rosy since may at the latest. the kids used to do it at story hour in NY sometimes, but we went maybe once a month... so maye she heard it once or twice in april or may. before that, at tamar's birthday in december, but she was only 7 months old then! incredible, that she could remember something from before her first birthday. my kids are amazing!

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Vanessa said...

Didn't Nina say the F word once already? Maybe she or another kid said it at preschool and the teacher said it was an impolite word.

Does she have any kind of allergic reaction to cranberry juice or does she just not like it? Where does she come up with that stuff?!