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Friday, September 11, 2009

is it friday already?

how does this happen? i thought i just updated yesterday or something, and it's been almost a week. i'm so far off pace, it's pathetic. well, on to the updates.

ballet was a hit. nina LOVED it. class is an hour long, and the kids do a mix of classic ballet steps and creative movement (running around, ballerina style). nina is such a good student--she follows directions so closely and really knows what she's doing. she's so graceful too. she's a natural!! maggie, unfortunately, wanted to be out there with the girls too. i didn't have a good plan about what i was going to do with maggie during the class, so i didn't have books or toys with me to occupy her. we ended up sitting on the side, doing what the big girls were doing. next week we'll go to the grocery store during class, but nina had asked me to stay for the first one. the other day she told me i could leave next time.

after class i took the girls swimming at the Y. maggie is really warming up to swimming, she lasted 25 minutes in the pool, i think that's some kind of record.

on the way home, nina asked why the first ballet class was not full-length. i told her it was full-length--it was an hour, and all of her classes would be 1 hour. then she reprimanded me for getting there late and said she wanted to be there on time next time. i told her we were early for the class. she said oh. i explained that an hour can go by really fast when you're having fun. and i thought an hour might be too long for her to stay interested!

so that's the ballet update. can't wait for next tuesday!

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