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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What a busy day!

The girls and I left the house this morning at 9:30 to go on an Insect Safari. So fun! It was an event put on by the Land Trust at one of their preserves in Edgecomb. A naturalist nicknamed Turtle (I can't remember her real name but it also began with a T) brought a bunch of nets, insect containment devices, and magnifying glasses, gave a quick talk about insects, and set us loose to catch what we could. Boy were there a lot of bugs! We caught crab and garden spiders (and learned how to differentiate between the two), a cricket, a stink bug, and most exciting of all, a katydid. Actually, to be precise I caught the katydid, but who's keeping track?

Maggie did a great job, because if you recall, she's not crazy about bugs. At one point little Jackson had a rather large garden spider crawling on him, and she had a minor freak-out about that (she wasn't the only one!), but then she relaxed again.

After that, we went home to change into shorts because it was hot, and then spent three hours at the railway village. Such a fun place. Two train rides, lots of time in the old model T, on the old tractors, in the old train cars, and at the playground. I love to just let the girls go at their own pace and play train conductor or tractor driver. They have such wonderful imaginations.

Then not long after we got home, Pete G texted from the playground that he was there with his sister and niece, who we haven't seen in ages, so back out we went! Just to make things more exhausting, we brought Marley with us. We tried to coax Moxie into the car too, but he wasn't interested. I decided to not push it; the playground isn't far from the road, and I figured it might be better to see how my better listener did before bringing Mr. Selective Deafness.

Marley did a great job! And wow, is that a great place if I'm sick of throwing his ball for him, because a whole bunch of little kids will want to. I just sat there!

Next up, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. What can I say, it's a Wednesday night family tradition. :-)


Oma said...

I'm exhausted just reading this!!

des said...

We slept well last night!

Oma said...

I bet you did! :)