about a dream: Nina would make a fine teacher

Friday, August 30, 2013

Nina would make a fine teacher

Today the girls spent about three hours with me at school, getting my classroom set up. What wonderful helpers they were! They quietly drew pictures, played Monopoly, and then hung artwork on my walls and help set up the desks and chairs. Nina even arranged the items on my desk for me!

I had to be in the computer lab with the computer guy for a while and the girls drew on the whiteboard there so quietly. They can just be models of perfect behavior when they want.

And then, there was last week. I've written about Maggie's cursing, but I was going to let myself just forget this one. Then a few days went by, and it started to seem funny, so here goes:

Nick told Maggie one night before bed that she had to pick up her toys. She looked at him and said

"I'm not listening to your stupid f*cking rules."

You know, you expect to hear this kind of thing (maybe) when they're teenagers. But 5?? I see a convent in her future...

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