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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Nina!!

What a day we had yesterday!

Maggie woke me up in the morning, too excited to go back to sleep because it was Nina's birthday. Adorable. Not at the time, at the time I tried to convince her to go back to sleep. She wasn't having any of that, though, so we got up and started making Nina's birthday pancakes. Not one to sleep in, Nina came downstairs almost right away.

After pancakes with cool whip and maple syrup, Nina opened the present from Maggie. A spa day Barbie, she loved it. The girls played Barbie spa for hours. I played with them too, it's ridiculous how I can fixate on brushing out barbie and pony hair. But I must say, La Hair-a-lotta's hair has never looked so good.

After lunch we unveiled her big surprise--a new bike!! So exciting. She loves it! It's bigger and therefore much faster than her old one. So much fun.

In the afternoon our friends Charlie and Hattie came by. They can't make her party this weekend, so we thought it'd be fun to have smores together on her actual birthday instead. And we did, and it was much fun.

Then we took her to China by the Sea for dinner. Boy do we spoil these kids!!

Finally after dinner were two more small presents we'd all picked out at Sherman's. We like to drag the presents out so they last all day around here.

Eight years old!! I just can't believe it!

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