about a dream: I've been redoing the entry way this weekend

Sunday, August 25, 2013

I've been redoing the entry way this weekend

Admit it, you never even noticed the star before...

Note the two-tone wall there. I was feeling inspired!
It all started with the new dresser in our dining room. I guess I need a photo of that too...

It was wood veneer, but there's just way too much wood in our house already and not enough color. So I said, let's liven this place up a bit, and the girls and I picked out a lovely blue at Grover's. My plan next was to paint the drawer insets white and let the girls decorate their drawers (two for Nina, two for Maggie, one for me. The intention is for us to drop school stuff in there and keep it off the dinner table). Nick was nervous about the girls painting, so I compromised and put paper there in the insets, and they painted that. Doesn't it look awesome??

Also, here's a close up of the art above the dresser:

Vanessa and Erik, do you remember that thumb print art book we had when we were kids? The girls found it and made these paintings. Aren't they great??

This one is Maggie's. I love it!!

Anyway, I had a lot of blue left over, and since paint is super expensive these days, I didn't want it to go to waste. And the paint entry room floor was really worn off in a lot of places and totally needed a redo. So I thought to myself, blue would totally brighten that up!

I mixed in a bit of the green from the exterior of the house, and I streaked some of it in for a textured look.

But then, with that lovely blue floor in place, I realized that the walls really are pretty drab. So I poked around in the basement and mom and dad's garage and found some old white and ivory paints, and went to work. Really old paint by the way, one was from 2004 and the second one seemed even older than that, but I just stirred in some water and mixed well, and they're like new.

So there we are. A dresser refinish morphed into a quick coat of paint on the floor, which morphed into redoing the entire entry, but so it goes. I think it looks fantastic and I'm thrilled!!


Vanessa said...

Looks lovely! Of course I remember the thumbprint book- and that was a great idea with the paper!

Oma said...

WOW!!! Very nice!!

des said...

Thanks! I wish now I'd taken a before picture, but I wasn't planning such a big change.

I feel like it says Welcome Home!! now. Also, I'm going to get a few coat hooks to put up underneath the fish so that we can hang at least a few coats there.

Oma said...

It sure does say Welcome Home! Kudos to you! Good idea with the coat hooks, too! The chest is adorable!