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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Silence is golden

Last night I was looking at one of those "funny things kids write" slideshows on some website, and Nina came over and was looking over my shoulder. Maggie was sitting next to us, but not looking at it.

So we get to a poor little student's worksheet that's prompting for words that rhyme with "it," and it shows Hit, Bit, Sit, and asks the child to write in one more word. I chuckled and said to Nina, "See, they wrote "hit, bit, and sit" and wanted the kid to write in a rhyming word and look what they wrote."

And Maggie says, "I know what they wrote.... fuckin'."

So of course Nina busts out laughing and Maggie waits a minute then follows with


This is why I'm happy that she doesn't talk at school.

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