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Thursday, August 1, 2013


I've mentioned before how much Nina and I love to look at the photos of poorly-dressed celebrities on Yahoo OMG!'s "what were they thinking?", right? Well today we were catching up on a few weeks of style-snafu galleries, and we came upon this picture of Mickey Rourke:

And I was like, "Nina do you want to see a picture of this guy when he was young?" and she was like, "sure crazy mom."

So I googled "young mickey rourke," because a website had instructed me to do this a few weeks ago if I wanted my mind blown. And THIS IS WHAT COMES UP:

Wow. Her little mind was blown. He was one good-looking man!! Nina couldn't believe this is the same person as above. Neither could I, the first time I saw the picture.

Well anyway, that led to googling Jarvis Cocker (again) and other celebrities I like, and Nina rating them "good-looking" or "average." So we google Johnny Depp and I find this adorable pic of an admittedly very young Johnny:

and Nina asks, "Is that Justin Beiber?"


I just sprouted another dozen gray hairs in that one instant.


Oma said...

... and look at Johnny Depp with an earring some thirty (or so) years ago! I didn't know of any guys with earrings in those days!

Vanessa said...

Cut her some slack, how should an 8 year old be expected to recognize Johnny Depp? Think about if, back in 1985, Mom showed us a picture of a young Marlon Brando or Paul Newman!

des said...

I know, I know! That's why I got more greys! I'm dated!!!

Vanessa said...

Ah, I see. Whatever! Bieber can never compare to Johnny Depp!