about a dream: The tooth fairy will visit tonight

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The tooth fairy will visit tonight

Nina has forgotten to put her tooth under her pillow since it fell out, so the tooth fairy hasn't yet visited. But Nina left her this note tonight:

It says, "RiTe BACK ON ThiS
            TACe           ANiNA
            tAC TAKe     MY tooth

ANSer He       SiNe Name

Yeah, her spelling hasn't really recovered from her year in Austria. But what can I say, the girl learned a whole other language and her English got a little rusty. Still pretty amazing I think.

I can't wait to see what the tooth fairy writes!

Also, she's thinking the tooth fairy might leave her one million dollars. Woot, cross your fingers! Ha!

And on another note, here's a pic of the girls with Marley. He's happiest when his belly is being rubbed!
Aww, happiness!

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