about a dream: Summer fun

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Summer fun

What a lovely day today. Low 70s, sunny, brisk breeze on the water.

First, we had some friends over for trampoline jumping and general mayhem. Then the Mosses came over with their kayaks, and we pulled out the kids' kayak that Jenn left for us. Because it was the girls' first time, we tied it to the dock with the old waterskiing rope, so that we could pull the girls back in and not lose them to the wind and tide.

They did great! Maggie was fearless and Nina got the hang of it really quickly. Hopefully it doesn't rain tomorrow, because she can't wait to get back out there.

Then we went swimming in the pool and Maggie did a GREAT job! She's really learning how to swim! She can only paddle a few strokes right now, but she's progressing by leaps and bounds. We're so proud of her!

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