about a dream: Well I did take a picture of the Swiss meringue...

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Well I did take a picture of the Swiss meringue...

But I'm too tired to download it tonight. Hopefully tomorrow!

Still chilly here, with a nice brisk wind today. It was nice to feel a chill! It doesn't quite feel like Christmas without that bit of snow and the occasionally blustery day. It also doesn't feel quite like Christmas because the Austrians are pretty sparse with their Christmas decorations. A few houses here and there have a string of lights in the window, and there are a few pine trees with a strand of lights around them, but that's pretty much it! Well, Baden's pedestrian district has some lights up too, but we're not there very often.

I guess the great American inflatable Christmas lawn ornament hasn't reached here yet. Maybe I should send Anne and Fritz a mooning Santa next year? (There's one in Boothbay Vanessa and Erik. He drops his pants and it says "Happy Holidays" on his butt. I'm not even kidding. The Blackmans, who own the store that used to be Music Mania and still live over there, have him up every year).

Hmm, I'll see if there's a picture of one like him on the internet. There must be!

Ah-ha! I think this is him!

Well if that's the one, then, Phew!! He's wearing underwear!! That's so much less tacky that way!

Ahh, America, how we miss thee!

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