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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sunshine, on my shoulders, makes me happy!

Lovely sky, isn't that? I took that photo this summer because it was such a picturesque cloud. I also had the idea that I should build up my own "stock photo" collection, in case I needed some pics for the blog. Brilliant, and prescient! Because today's post is all about weather.

I know I've mentioned it in passing, but I haven't really spent a good deal of time harping on the weather here in Baden. It's awful. It was absolutely lovely until about mid-October; sunshine, warm, even hot! And then, just like that, the clouds rolled in.
They look like this. Minus that little break on the right side there.

Initially, it was as much fog as clouds. We didn't see the sun for weeks. Surprise! Fall in lower Austria is like London!

Then it broke for about a week in November, and I was like, "yay! It's done!"

But, no. The fog and clouds came back. I'd say we've averaged one day a week with any sunshine at all, and that's generally a half an hour to maybe, maybe 2 hours of sun. Per week!

There is no telling when the sun will come back. We had a half an hour today, and I had the girls sit in it with their shirts up to make as much vitamin D as possible. They were confused, but they humoured me. Boothbay may be colder, but I promise I'll never complain about that again! At least we get a ton of lovely sunshine in the winters!

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