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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Still no picture of the meringue...

I'd have to get up to get the camera, dig out the cord, plug it in, and that's just the beginning. Far too much work for me tonight. I'm exhausted. But I had to write quickly to tell you all that I made a lovely batch of Swiss meringue again after school today (which the girls now simply call "whip." "Whip" is the general name of the dessert, and also what you call a finger full of meringue. As in, "mom, I've already had 7 whips, can I have one more?")

Anyway, you all know what happened because of facebook, but I'll write it all down anyway for posterity. I accidentally added salt instead of sugar to the egg whites. I couldn't figure out why the "sugar" wasn't dissolving into the whites this time, but I thought maybe they were colder or something... who knows with cooking. So I was whipping up the whip, and I tasted a little finger full--I mean, a whip--and I almost instantly vomited. It tasted exactly like when you get a mouth full of ocean water at the beach and you swallow it.

It was horrific. The girls were in the tub at this point and Nick was upstairs, but I'm sure the look on my face was utterly priceless. Maybe something like this?

Ha ha! I love that photo!

But see, this isn't as ridiculously stupid a thing to do as it sounds, because the salt (salz) in this God-forsaken country comes in a little white paper sack just like the sugar! And, I (perhaps unwisely. Or maybe not perhaps) have it on the shelf right next to the real sugar (zucker). Salt is supposed to come in a stiff, paper cylinder with a metal pour spout on top! Really.

Well, much to Nick's disappointment, I had to throw it out. But fear not, I whipped up another batch immediately, and we all got our sugar buzz on. So, all's well that ends well, right?

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