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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Maggie drew this

It's a picture of a pony unwrapping unwrapping a Christmas present:

Now, I'm probably totally guilty of unjustified maternal pride in my child's totally ordinary drawing, but indulge me. I am SO impressed by how well she captures body language! She's just 4, but the way the neck bends down and the hair (I mean, mane) falls straight down is just awesome. She does this all the time, too. She'll draw ponies doing things like handstands, or swinging, and their actions are captured very realistically.

On another note, I booked our Disney Paris trip last night! Earlier this week I was like, screw Disney Paris, no way are we going there, because they obviously want to screw Americans. See, we were trying to price out some packages, but the website is very confusing. At the very beginning, you pick your country and they use that to set the language. So, I picked the US. The 3 day/4 night package for the 4 of us came to $3,600. Then Nick looked at it on his computer, but HE must have hit UK instead of US, and guess what? The exact same package was 1,086 pounds. Which is like, $1,700. I said, "BOOK IT!!" but you can't, online, unless your credit card billing address matches the country you selected. Are we irritated yet? I was. So fine, we start again, enter all that freaking information again (birth dates, etc), under the Austrian country of orgin to find out their Eruo price (about $3,000) and then finally quit.

So I called yesterday, and I explained that I wanted to book the 4 day 3 night package, but I wanted the UK price, not the American price. And the woman said, "Ok." That was easier than I thought it was going to be! I asked her why the pries were so different, and she said, "Honestly, I don't know." I figured she just takes the bookings, so it's not her fault, but I'm sure I know why the prices are twice as high for Americans. They're figuring that if you're coming from the USA to Disney Paris and are staying at their 5 star hotel, that you can afford it, so they'll just go ahead and hose you. I might email Disney USA about this AFTER we get back. Or not, I'm so busy as it is.

Still, I'm so excited! We're staying at the Disneyland Paris Hotel, which is their nicest one and according to the woman I booked with, every little girl's fantasy come true. The characters are all there at breakfast every morning, and the hotel looks like a palace. Here's a link:

I think the girls are going to love it! I know I'm excited!!

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