about a dream: Today we visited Oma at the hospital

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Today we visited Oma at the hospital

Poor Oma! She's not doing so well these days. She had a her hip replaced a week ago on friday, and this week she suffered complication--the tip of her femur fractured. There's nothing they can do about it but just wait for it to heal! It's really slowed down her recovery, and it looks like she won't be home until next week. Nick will talk to her doctor on Monday hopefully and find out if she can come home sooner and have a visiting nurse come by the house. You'd think that'd be cheaper for the health care system, but maybe not, things are so different here.

But anyway, we went to visit today. The girls were very well behaved, I was so proud of them. Oma's room holds as many as six women (though today there were only 3), and there aren't even privacy curtains to pull around the bed. Fortunately the other ladies seemed happy to see such cute little girls too, so I don't think we were too much of a bother. One of Oma's roommates had 10 children of her own! Holy moly! I figured she must love kids, but then again she was pretty old, and probably had them back in the day when there weren't too many birth control options. Well obviously I wasn't going to ask, and she looked very happy to see the kids, so I'll just assume she loves children.

That was pretty much all we did today. The girls like their lazy Saturdays, so we just vegged out and played with toys all morning. We've discussed possibly getting a tree tomorrow, but I guess here in Austria they tend to put them up either on Christmas Eve, or thereabouts, so I'm thinking we should embrace the local culture and wait.

Other than poor Oma's hip, all's well. The weather has finally started to get chilly, so we're breaking out the hats and mittens. We might even get some snow at the beginning of next week!

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