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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dear, sweet Maggie

Erik and I were discussing Maggie a bit via email yesterday, which led to Nick and I discussing her later that night, and me admitting that this blog is generally used to record the good but largely skips the bad. That's of course because I'll be just as happy to forget the bad.

Well, Maggie must have heard us talking in her sleep, because she's been extra sweet this evening. As I was tucking her into bed tonight she said, "Mama, I like you better than cookies."

Then, nearly two hours later, she was contemplating (aloud) how most people on this planet don't even know that I'm alive. We talked about people we don't know who pass us on the street, and I told her that sometimes on the highway, I look at other people in their cars and wonder who they are and where they're going. Maggie said to me, "Even if they're going to Bogi Park, I'd rather be with you."

I tell you, sweeter words have never been spoken. It makes it almost okay that it's a quarter to ten and she's still not asleep.

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