about a dream: It's finally gotten chilly here!

Monday, December 10, 2012

It's finally gotten chilly here!

So yesterday, we went to Bogi Park! The girls love it there, that's the place with the huge indoor play structure, trampolines, bounce houses, and all kinds of fun other things (slides, ball pits, they have everything!). We had a blast. The girls and I took the train an Nick stayed behind to hang out with his dad a bit, then he joined us.

We had fun and miraculously, no one was injured! I always wind up with slide or bounce house burn after one of these trips, but not this time.

We stayed in on Saturday. Nick went to visit Oma, but Nina had been sneezing a lot, and I didn't want to bring any germs into the recovery ward, so the girls and I stayed home. Nina didn't want to go anywhere either, she likes to have the occasional day to stay in her pjs and play.

So overall, not much to update. I'm going to go and make the girls some swiss meringue right now, if they don't devour it immediately I'll take a picture. It's delicious!

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