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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Look at this excitement:
Austrians open presents on Christmas Eve, which sounds like it's going to be a wonderful treat for the kids (you get to open the presents a day early! Yay!)

But actually, it turns out to be a strange kind of torture, because they wait until the evening to open presents. The dear little children have to look at them all day and ask, every 3 minutes, "Can we open them now? When? When can we open them? Now?" "Sorry kids, the plan is to look at the presents all day, dream about opening them, and then open them before bed." Hm... Torture!

So, we kind of compromised and let them open the gifts around 2:30
It still looks like Christmas morning because Maggie is in her pajamas! So is Nina for that matter.

Here, check out the awesome way I revealed the big Disney trip to the girls. I drew out these tickets:

Wow, did I miss my calling there or what? What an artist I am! Ok, the train wasn't great, and the Eiffel Tower is a little fat. But Cinderella's castle, wow. I really outdid myself there. By the time I got to the last one my hand was tired, so it's kind of lame. Oh well.

I rolled each one up and tied it with a ribbon, then stuck the four rolls into a box and wrapped that.

They're so excited!

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