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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Can it be? Can it be Christine?

Ha ha. We're still all singing The Phantom of the Opera soundtrack all the time around here. Did I mention the time that the girls were fighting in opera? They really were, they were singing their disagreement. It was hysterical.

But really, can it be that Maggie wants to spend the night at Grandma and Grandpa's? I've been floating this idea for I think years now, and she's always shot me down. Erik asked this afternoon, and she said, "I appreciate that, but no, I want to go see Chester." I appreciate that! Her vocabulary cracks me up. She described the Windjammer Days fireworks last night as "glorious," "dazzling," and "gorgeous." Too funny.

Anyway, I think Maggie overheard me say that I didn't think she "was capable" of spending the night away from me, so all of a sudden she's psyched for it. She wanted to sleep over there tonight, in fact. I didn't want to lay all my cards on the table (one has to play things carefully with this girl), so I didn't let on that I was excited. But I asked her if she was sure she could handle watching a movie, eating sugar, and then getting up and watching TV all morning again? You can imagine the size of her grin.

So maybe the parents' babysitting for the wedding is a go? Can it be???

In other news, Nina hasn't thrown up since last night, and before that she hadn't thrown up since Monday, so hopefully she's in the clear. Her fever had gotten as high as 101.4, but that's gone too. Unfortunately, she did throw up in bed last night, so I had ever more laundry today.

Also, the Olympic trials are on TV, and Nina LOVES watching the gymnastics. Yay!

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Vanessa said...

She will be fine!! Just go for it. My neighbor has two sons, Nina's age and the other turned 3 in February, they are both staying with their grandmother for several days now while the parents are on vacation in CA. There is absolutely no reason why Maggie can't spend one night apart from you. It is time.