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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hot hot hot!

Finally, the first day of summer and it really feels like it! We've had 60s all month it seems like, so hitting 90 today was kind of nice. The night's cooling down nicely too, which is lovely.

Interestingly, Nina barely swam today. Temps in the 60s outside and a pool at 64 degrees, and she's a little fish. But 90 outside and the pool at 75 and the kid is gingerly dipping her toes in and proclaiming it too chilly. The girl is an enigma!

Today both girls talked about changing their names. Maggie wants to legally change hers to Nina. This might be confusing, were it not for the fact that Nina wants to change hers to Crazy BeanBean. Then we agreed that if Vanessa and Micah want Crazy BeanBean for their kid, they could have it.

Nina's diving full force into learning German this week! She's studying the picture dictionary to increase her vocabulary. So cute! It's killing two birds with one stone too, because she's reading the German words. I'll have to get Nick to let her read our German story books aloud to him, and hopefully he can help her learn some vocabulary that way.

Tomorrow's supposed to be another scorcher! Woo hoo!

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