about a dream: No blogging for the past few days because Aunt and Unk are visiting!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

No blogging for the past few days because Aunt and Unk are visiting!

Usually I do my blogging at night after the kids go to bed, but they've been staying up late because Aunt Isabelle and Uncle Erik (or, Aunt and Unk, as they're now called) are visiting. And of course, Chester. It's funny to see how much mellower Chester is now that he's older. When he was just a little puppy, he could play with the girls all day and never get tired of it. Now, the poor guy tries to take a break every now and then, but the girls just keep hounding him (hounding him! haha!). This evening he even sat outside on the deck by himself to chew his stick in peace for a few minutes.

It's been a great week though. On Thursday or Friday we opened up the pool and Nina went swimming! It was amazing. The water was 64 degrees but she loved it. Maggie dipped one foot in and wailed that it was too cold. It's a cold, harsh world Margarete. Especially when you're dealing with a swimming pool in Maine.

I can't specifically remember what we did on Thursday and Friday day (that's why I have this blog, because if I can't remember what happened 3 days ago, how will I ever remember all the fun we had 30 years from now?), but on Friday night we let the girls stay up late to wait for Aunt and Unk. Oh, I remember--Nina had taken a nap on Friday afternoon in this luxurious outdoor cabana I'd made for the girls on their balcony from the couch cushions and a sheet. It was a lovely afternoon: warm, breezy, and shady under that sheet. How could she not conk out?

Since Nina had taken the nap, we all decided to wait up for everyone at mom and dad's house. And luck of all luck, what was playing on TCM that night but everyone's favorite monster movie--Godzilla!! It was the original one too, not the Americanized version with the Raymond Burr scenes added in and English language dubbing. Nope, just the Japanese version with subtitles and everything. I felt like I was watching highbrow classic foreign cinema! The only irritating thing was that I had to read the subtitles aloud for Maggie, and since she's not content to just watch, slack-jawed, like a good child should, but instead insists on understanding everything that's going on, by way of asking a million questions, it meant a lot of talking for me. So, not a relaxing classic foreign cinema kind of night like you'd expect. That's a joke, you should all know that classic foreign cinema is not something you'd expect around here.

Well anyway, all that questioning must've worn Maggie out, because one second she was worrying about why they killed those fish in the tank, whether actual fish had been killed, and how they might film it to merely look like the fish had been killed, but actually not hurt any, and the next she was sound asleep. Not 10 minutes later Aunt, Unk, and Chester arrived too! It was ok though, we had a nice long weekend, so she didn't miss out on anything.

A nice long weekend that I'll tell you about tomorrow, because that's enough typing for now. I'm pooped!

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