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Monday, June 18, 2012

Catch-up blogging: Saturday and Sunday

Saturday morning the girls woke up bright and early and ran over to mom and dad's house to wake our guests. It was 7 am and daylight was a-wastin'!! The girls opened the presents Aunt and Unk had brought them and the rest of the morning was a blur.

But then, Erik and Isabelle took the girls out for ice cream. Without me and Nick! It was 2 solid hours of alone time with their Aunt and Unk, and I don't think either of them even thought of me once. Woo hoo! Nina has adored her alone time with them for years now, but it's a new thing for Maggie. She has really grown up a lot since turning 4. Sleeping through the night, trips for ice cream and candy (and then the playground!) without me. I have to say, it's pretty nice!

All that fun tuckered little Nina out, because she fell asleep right after getting home. She'd been up late the night before. Then we had a lovely family Father's Day/Mom's birthday dinner at Sarah's Pizza.

Since Nina had had a nap, she got to stay up late that night and sleep over at mom and dad's with Aunt and Unk. She finally wore them down, too, and got them to let her sleep in bed with them. And of course, Chester too. I hear it was a very restful night. Ha ha! According to Erik, Chester bailed on the madness after half an hour and jumped into another bed by himself. Erik decided to join him there, and Isabelle and Nina had the floor bed. Nina woke up rested at least!

On Sunday an even bigger miracle happened. The girls went out for a boat ride and loved it!

Nina hadn't ridden on the boat since last year, but we've been working up to a ride slowly. First she and Maggie played on the boat in the garage, then they played on it for short bits while it was tied up at the dock. Once, we were on there when another boat drove by and its wake rocked our boat. The experience definitely pushed the envelope, but Nina wasn't scared off. But I digress. The boat ride was a blast! Sure, little Chester shook pathetically on Isabelle's lap the whole time, but my girls loved it. Woo hoo! Hopefully we'll get a few more trips like that in before we ship off for the year.

Then Nina swam in the pool again (it was a balmy 69 degrees in there on Sunday), and then she went a hike with Aunt and Unk. What a busy weekend!

We managed to convince them to stay one more night, and they just left for home early this morning. Thanks for a fun visit guys!!

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Vanessa said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Glad they enjoyed the boat ride!