about a dream: Austria

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


The girls are so excited to go to the opera when we're in Austria. Tonight they were picking out the dresses they want to wear (and what they want me to wear), and Nina said to Maggie, "You know you can't wear pajamas to the opera, right Maggie?" Fortunately, Maggie responded "Of course I'll wear a dress!" Of course! Why would we worry otherwise?!

It was mostly sunny today and even hit the 60s. Then it briefly started to rain while the girls and I were playing outside on the swingset (one of their favorite games these days is for someone to stand over the slide, straddling it, while the others slide under her. It's called 'bridge'. And when the bridge person flops down onto the slider, it's called 'collapse'. Maggie loves to flop down on me during a rousing, slightly dangerous game of collapse). Then it got sunny again, and now it's raining. Hopefully the forecast gets better, but I don't dare look.

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