about a dream: A field trip and mini golf

Sunday, June 10, 2012

A field trip and mini golf

On Friday, Nina's class did a scavenger hunt field trip to Ocean Point. It was foggy and cold (probably 50 degrees max right there on the waterfront) but once we started hiking over those rocks we got hot! Maggie and I came along more as tag-alongs than chaperones, because I had to devote all of my attention to helping Maggie hike over the rocks. It was really tough going! The girls both did a fantastic job though. I was so proud of them!
Then on Saturday we finally had warm and sunshine! Finally!!! We took the girls mini-golfing and had a blast. It was the first time that Maggie stayed with us and played together as a family. And Nina hit a hole-in-one on the loop de loop! Most importantly, I won. If there's anything I learned from my rounds of golf with Nan and Peter, it's that you must, must, must penalize your spouse with the one stroke penalty when the ball leaves the green. Show no mercy.
Today was another perfect day. We went to church, took our first trolley ride, played outside, and went on a boat ride. Well, it was just me and Nick on the boat, but Nina was impressed by how slowly I boat, so she's actually looking forward to going out with us next time. Cross your fingers that she doesn't change her mind!
Here's a picture of her from this evening. The stack of books is her to-read pile. I love it!

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