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Thursday, June 7, 2012

The little ham!

Today Maggie was in a (mostly) fantastic mood. (Mostly Fantastic Mood -adj: A temperament characterized by fewer than 15 tantrums per day, with most tantrums resolving with minimal help in less than 5 minutes). Ha ha! It's funny because it's true!

Anyway, the point is that when she wasn't dissolving into wails and tears over the toast being wrong, or someone moving something, or turning the TV off, or a perceived slight, or whatever, Maggie was a ray of sunshine today. Singing, cuddling, jumping off the couch into a pillow pile while yelling "Geronimo!" and making silly faces, and being her funniest self at Hannaford.

And that's where this anecdote begins.

Maggie was sitting in the part of the cart that kids sit in when we saw a baby in a carseat in someone else's cart. Maggie's really into babies these days, which surprises me. But anyway, the carseat wasn't up where the kids sit like people usually have them (I'm so descriptive today! I can't think of what to call that part though), it was in the basket where the groceries go. Which is probably far safer, but certainly doesn't leave much room for groceries. Also, you don't usually see the babies in that part of the cart, so obviously Maggie was a bit confused because she said,

"Oh look, those people got a baby at the store!"
Now, I wasn't sure if she was just being a ham or if she really thought they'd picked up a baby at the store. I've given up trying to figure her out, so I just went along with it.
"Yeah, maybe," I mumbled, or something like that. I was trying to figure out what to make for dinner. "Isn't he cute?"
"Look at his little feet!!" she squealed. She's really into the feet. "Where did they get him?"
"Like, where in the store?" I said. "I don't know. Do you want to get one too?"
"Yes," she said.
By this point, we were right up next to the baby, but the mom and grandma were distracted so they didn't hear our conversation. But then Maggie looks over at the grandma and says,
"What aisle did you get the baby from?"
I cracked up, but the grandmother didn't hear her quite right or didn't get where she was going with the question and said something like, "Oh thank you, he's cute isn't he?" but Maggie just repeated louder, "WHAT AISLE DID YOU GET THE BABY FROM?" and then I really cracked up, as did the people who could hear us.
The grandma was awesome though and said that they got him at a different store. Maggie was satisfied. Later, at dinner, she speculated that he was probably expensive. Like, $29 or something.

What a funny kid!

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Oma said...

Priceless!!! Sounds like a scene from a cartoon!