about a dream: The sleepover at grandma's was a success!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The sleepover at grandma's was a success!

The girls watched one of the new Alvin and the Chipmunks movies and then some of Bigfoot and some Abominable Snowman movie (probably on ScyFy or something like that), and had a fantastic time. Much sugar was eaten. And Nick and I had fun too! The ceremony was just beautiful and the food was delicious.

And now, this is our last night in Maine! Unbelievable. I think we're ready... Nick's suitcase is too heavy, so he'll have to purge a few things, but that's minor. We'll spend tomorrow night at Erik and Isabelle's, and then we leave on Thursday night! Oh my!

We've been staying at Mom and Dad's since Saturday. The girls love it. It's warm, so we've been swimming every day, and today Maggie tried swimming without a life jacket. She's not ready to swim by herself, but she held on to a noodle and kicked, and I held her up while she practiced the doggy paddle. She was disappointed that she couldn't immediately swim on her own and moaned, "I'm a failure!"

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