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Saturday, July 7, 2012

We've arrived in Baden!

Whew! The trip wasn't bad. Our flight out of JFK was an hour delayed, so we didn't end up taking off until 10 pm. The girls were excited about the airplane and dinner, so they didn't fall right asleep as I had hoped. But they were so tired! Maggie was eating her buttered roll when I looked over and saw her start to nod off while chewing. It was so cute! I asked her if she'd like to eat her dinner after a nap and she said yes, then immediately leaned against my arm and fell asleep.

We had a row of 4 to ourselves, so we put the girls in the middle and they managed to stretch out some and I think have a decently comfortable rest. Poor little Nina did have some ear pain, but I don't think it was too bad. She chewed gum and yawned and swallowed, and I think that helped. It wasn't so bad that she cried anyway, so that was good.

Then we changed planes in Dusseldorf and had a quick flight to Vienna. A cab met us at the airport, and the girls conked out again in the car. Then they were up until about 10 or 11, awake again from 1 am to maybe 2:30, and then didn't wake up until 11 this morning! Neither did I, or I would have woken the girls up earlier. But, oh well, it'll be another late night tonight I guess, then we can start getting them back on to a more normal routine.

Most importantly, the girls are thrilled to be here! Nina is already catching on to German like you wouldn't believe! She can read everything of course, and many signs are in English and German, so she's learning stuff without anyone teaching her. Even she's not nervous any more about picking up the German and is excited to start school. Maggie is still young enough that she doesn't feel self-conscious about speaking in German, and was excited to say "danke" to the flight attendants. So that just leaves me!

Ok, Anne has made us some lunch, so more from me later!

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