about a dream: Day 10: Kurpark

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 10: Kurpark

The Kurpark is the park next to the casino in Baden. Lovely little park! There's a nice, short hike up to Beethoven's Temple:

from which there is a lovely view of Baden:

Then, if you continue up, there are goats to feed!

After that, we caught a bit of a free concert in the park, and hit small playground there. Plus, the girls each got a scoop of hibiscus-rose ice cream. It was delicious! Not too perfume-y like Indian rose water desserts can be. A bit lemony and just right.

Mom, this one is for you: Maggie may have called you old last month, but today she noted to Oma that her "skin doesn't fit well." Then she tugged on it, repeating that it's too loose for her! Her own skin, she said, "fits just right. Well, a little loose, so she has room to grow. But not like Oma's!"

Fortunately, Anne just laughed.

Opa didn't get any comments on his age. In fact, Maggie noted that Papa is greyer than he is. And, Opa's hair looks softer than Papa's. Papa's is spiky.

Opa is so happy to be with his grandchildren! Mom, if you could see his beaming smile when they come over, you'd be so happy. Don't miss them too much, and know that Opa and Anne (even though she now bears the brunt of Maggie's opinions!) are loving their turn with the girls!

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Vanessa said...

Maggie is so funny! That's also really nice to hear about Fritz. That park sounds nice. And Baden has a casino, that could be fun.