about a dream: Day 23: Neusiedlersee

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Day 23: Neusiedlersee

Saturday was hot hot hot (probably 95 degrees!) so we decided to head to a nearby lake for some family fun. And what fun it was! Well, not the lake, which we didn't actually go in, but the water park right on the lake. We must have gone down the water slide 50 times!
The girls with the slide
Maggie went down on my lap because the water at the bottom was over her head, but Nina went by herself. Nick or I always caught her at the bottom so that she didn't accidentally go under.
It was a very fun slide, but it was also the world's slowest water slide. If you didn't lean into the turns just right, you'd run the risk of coming to a stop! Maggie and I got it down though and by the end, we could zip down in record time. Fun!
There was also a lovely playground:
Note again the short- and long-sleeved swim tops. Once again, we were the only ones. Nick was utterly embarrassed by my swim dress too. I finally caved and took it off after lunch. Still, my tankini top and swim shorts were more coverage than anyone else there. Maybe I'll cave to the pressure and pack a true bikini to Hungary.
Well, we swam for hours and hours, had ice cream at a restaurant on the lake, swam some more, and finally headed home. It was a blast!
Oh, here's the actual lake. It was very pretty!

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