about a dream: Day 26: YouTube

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day 26: YouTube

Today the girls watched Shrek (again), and we enjoyed listening to SmashMouth's cover of "I'm a believer" at the end. So afterwards, I asked them if they wanted to watch the Monkee's perform it on YouTube.

"Yeah!!" they yelled, excited.

So I put it on, and Maggie wailed!


She was really upset about it too! I totally should have seen that one coming. The monkeys! She must have been so excited to see a bunch of monkeys perform it. Bad mommy!

Then later this afternoon, we (I don't remember how) decided we had to see Destiny's Child perform "Survivor," which incidentally I don't think I've ever heard in its entirety, and certainly had never seen the music video for.

Well, the video takes place on a desert island and Destiny's child are supposed to be shipwrecked there. I had to explain the premise to the kids, because they were totally confused as to why the women were in a raft and whatnot. So we're watching as they ascend the Aztec-like temple where they're joined by a bunch of other dancers, and Maggie says, "If they're on a desert island, where did the backup singers come from?"

Ha! The funniest thing is, no one had said "back-up singers" to her today. It always cracks me up to just find out that she knows terms like that.

The rest of today was equally lazy and fun. We watched some Shrek and some olympics, played outside, and lazed around. We had to store up energy for our trip to Budapest tomorrow after all!

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