about a dream: Day 27: Budapest

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day 27: Budapest

We're here! We took a 9:30 train from Baden and arrived at Budapest just before 1. We made our way straight to the hotel and had lunch at the hotel restaurant. Veal stew, chicken with creamed kale, and potato gnocchi. Yum! We didn't bring the camera, or I'd be posting pictures of the awesome lemonades the girls got. They were more citrus-ades than lemonades, because they had an orangey taste and were filled with slices of oranges, lemons, and limes. Delicious though. We're thoroughly spoiling the girls!
After lunch we decided we had to see... the hotel swimming pool. Of course! There are two, one indoors and one outdoors. We hit both, of course, plus the hot tub. THEN we set out to see some sights.
We didn't get that far. It was 5:00 and the kids were hot and tired, so we set our sights low and just walked to a nearby huge and famous synagogue. I don't have any pictures, they're on the other camera, but it was a beautiful synagogue. From the outside, we didn't go in.
Then we headed back to the hotel for a rooftop twilight swim! Luxurious! Here we are:
Maggie's suit was still wet, so I told her if she wanted, she could just put on her bottoms for a swim, since we're in Europe and all. Nina thought it was a fabulous idea and exclaimed, "Yes Maggie! You can go nipple free!" And so, a new term is born. When you hear about Maggie going nipple free, you'll know what I'm talking about.

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