about a dream: Day 38: Birthday Party!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Day 38: Birthday Party!

Look who's (almost) seven!!
And look at that gorgeous Happy Birthday banner
Today we had a party for Nina's seventh birthday. Seven! Boy does time fly! We invited Nick's cousin Dorris, her husband Gerhard, their kids Nicolas and Christoph, and Dorris' parents Helene and Peter (Peter is Fritz's brother). We had a lovely time!
The kids had a blast playing together. And Vanessa, I was wrong (or was I right about being wrong?), Dr. Drill n' Fill was a huge hit. They've been playing with it all day, and that's Nicholas playing with them in the photo above. Christoph is the younger one (he's 4, and Nicolas turns 7 next month), and he's playing with the legos in the photo above.
It was Maggie's idea to decorate the door with ribbons. It's beautiful! I think it's going to stay up for quite a while, because they're all individually taped up, and I have enough to do around here, what with that stupid gecko and disgusting crickets to feed and water every day.
Check out this cake! The girls and I made it this morning. Vanilla with nutella and apricot jam in the middle and frosted with more nutella. Yum!

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