about a dream: Day 31: Budapest recap part II

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Day 31: Budapest recap part II

So really this is a post about Day 29, but I'm going to continue to title the posts with the number of the day that I'm writing on, or else I'll get hopelessly confused. I might have to switch to Month once I lose track. We'll see.
Regardless, we started Friday with a yummlicious-y all you can eat buffet breakfast at the hotel restaurant. They even had pancakes and imitation maple syrup. Good enough for me! I just can't get into this cold cuts and cheese European breakfast. Give me an eggy American breakfast any day.
Then we headed back to St. Stephen's Basilica. It had been closed on Thursday when we were there, and I really wanted to see the inside. On the way though, we passed this really neat plaster-painting place and we had to stop and give it a try. It was so much fun!
The girls each painted a bunch of plaster flowers. They came out beautifully!
I'll bet you can tell which one's Nina's and which one's Maggie's. It was another super hot day, so sitting in the store painting and out of the hot sun was a wonderful break. Of course, the store wasn't air conditioned, but what is?
Next we went to St. Stephen's. It was a suggested donation admission, baptism certificate not required. It was so, so beautiful inside. Gilded, stained-glassed, statued, and painted. Our pictures don't do it justice, but here are some anyway:
The first is of the altar, the second the dome. And then (of course!) there was this:
What can that be, you ask? What else but the mummified right hand of Saint Stephen! I know I'm Catholic, and I should probably find the assorted body parts venerable instead of horrifying, but it is what it is, isn't it. All I can say is, if I'm ever sainted, do me the favor of just having me buried under the altar.
After the basilica we got ice cream (again!) and then made our way back to the hotel and then train station. The ride home was much easier than the ride there, thanks entirely to the KinderKino on the train. Child's cinema! They annoyingly rotated clips from 6 different movies, about 2 minutes per clip, but whatever. The kids were tired and transfixed. We also noticed that the trains have power outlets, so we could play a DVD on the computer for the kids. Our next train ride is going to be very fun and easy, I can feel it!

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