about a dream: Day 52: A beautiful night

Monday, August 27, 2012

Day 52: A beautiful night

It's cool and clear outside tonight, and Nina and I were lying on her bed tonight with the window open, a gentle breeze against our skin, looking out at the waxing moon.

"Do you see those dark spots on the moon?" asked Nina.
"I do," I said. I held myself back from launching immediately into an explanation of how they appear darker because they're areas of high-frequency meteorite impact, resulting in densely packed craters. I wanted to give her a chance to tell me about them. The child the teacher, the mother the student. We were having a moment don't you know.
"That's where the robots live," she finished.

I couldn't just let that one float by, of course, so I pressed for details.
"The robots?" It was a gentle press.
"Yeah," she said. "They fly around the Earth and space, but the only place they land on is the dark spots on the moon."
"How do you know?" I asked. "Did you learn this in school?"
"No," she said, "I just figured it out on my own."

That kid. She cracks me up.

On a slightly less PC note, we got a can of lychee fruit (in heavy syrup!) with our last delivery of Chinese food. Nina wanted to eat some, but I was skeptical. I told her I don't know, it's from China, they have so many chemical and heavy metal contamination issues. And she said, But they eat it in China, right? And I said yeah. And she said, Is that why they talk like chung dow sho fu ying?

I cracked up! I guess that's not un-PC, I mean Chinese does sound very different from the Germanic languages.

In less entertaining news, poor Maggie has been constipated since I think last Wednesday. She's been pooping, but they've been hard and difficult to pass. We tried giving her one over the counter product, and I'm not going to get into it right now, but let's just say that while fructose and glucose sound similar, you can't just substitute one for the other in a chemical formula and think you're gonna get the same end product. Because you won't. Austria.

Finally though, we got her an actual laxative yesterday. She had one more difficult poop, a second dose, and she's been comfortable ever since.

Poor little kid though, she was very upset. She's never been constipated, and I wonder if it was from this stomach bug we seem to have. It's hard to tell... we've all had mild tummy aches at one point or another over the past week, with the exception of me being in serious pain one night last week. If it is a virus, it's an odd one. Or maybe it's just one of those things that happens to kids sometimes.

Regardless of why it happened, we had to stay close to home all day today while we waited for the laxative to work. But the kids played outside, and inside, and colored a lot, so it was still fun. Hopefully we can get out tomorrow, but I'll have to wait and make sure the laxative has stopped working. So I'm thinking it'll be another day close to home.

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