about a dream: Day 50: Fun with friends in Vienna

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Day 50: Fun with friends in Vienna

But first, wow, 50 days! Nearly 1/7 of the way through our year! Not that I'm counting the days until we're back in Maine. Fresh, cool, sweet-smelling Maine... At least there are no mosquitoes in Austria! Whenever I miss Maine, I think about the mosquitoes. Then I don't miss it so much!

Today we went to Vienna to hang out at some playgrounds with our friends Suzy and Manfred. (You might remember Suzy's parents Sissy and Hank from our wedding. Nice folks. They've been friends with Anne and Fritz for years). Well, Suzy and her husband have 2 girls and a boy, and the kids play really well together. We hit up two new (to us) playgrounds in Vienna and the girls had a blast. Great dangerous, fun playgrounds, not the rubber, plastic, and safety-obsessed ones like we have in the US, that's another thing that I like more about Austria.

After a few hours of play, the 8 of us went out for some pizza. What a fun day!

It was much cooler today, cooler than was forecast even. Which was a nice break, because yesterday was just sweltering. Tomorrow's supposed to be cool and raining all day, hooray! I've had enough of the summer here and am happily awaiting fall.

Yesterday was a lazy day, the kids mostly hung out around here and with their friends in the building. Einstein has been replaced as reptilian mascot of the 5th floor by a newt that Ivan and Luca from across the hall have captured and been keeping as a pet. The girls love him. His name is Fluffy. My German isn't good enough to find out why. They bring Fluffy with them wherever they go in this plastic pail, and if he gets loose in my apartment, I'm giving up. Well, he's so small that any crickets that may have escaped and taken up residence in my walls could probably eat him for dinner. Ha ha!

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